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Hidden Cotswolds: Past Glories & Forgotten Stories

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Our 'Hidden Cotswolds: Past Glories & Forgotten Stories' experience is a Cotswolds experience unlike any other. 

This experience has been carefully designed to allow world-curious, discerning travelers, the opportunity to really experience the landscapes, history, people and places that make the Cotswolds unique. Escape the tourist throngs and, in a small group of eight or fewer guests, travel deep into the 'hidden' Cotswolds, away from the over-run tourist honey-pots to places that really do evoke the Cotswolds you imagine. 

Connect with the incredible story of England's birth and explore a quiet, ancient town that was once at the heart of England's history for over a 1000 years yet today quietly sits alone on its hillside - a relic to times gone by. Uncover the lives of kings, saints, writers and pioneers. Immerse yourself in the best of English hospitality and cuisine with coffee at the oldest hotel in England (dating back to the 1200s), and lunch at a postcard-picture country pub, frequented by locals (and a few Royals) who prefer to keep its virtues to themselves. Venture down tiny country roads to find yourself surrounded by stunning countryside and watched by wary sheep as we pass through sleepy villages, over hills and past ancient cottages. Enjoy tea in the romantic gardens of a grand country house. Explore forgotten villages and enjoy a short walk alongside a tinkling brook in the Cotswolds countryside, surrounded by the sounds of chirping birds, the gallop of horses and the bleeting of sheep. 

We want our guests to spend their time with immersed in the experience, therefore everything is included in the price... Morning coffee or tea in England's oldest hotel. A guided tour of several unique and special locations, told by a master storyteller and guide. A fabulous pre-booked lunch (with a beverage of your choice included), a visit to several charming, Cotswolds villages finishing with a visit to the gardens of a grand country house to end the afternoon with surrounded by flowers in a 100-year-old greenhouse. 

Join us on a journey into authentic, hidden England and experience much more than you could have imagined. 


Connect with authentic, hidden England and experience it for yourself.

From GBP 175

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We take our guests on unique and in-depth journeys into the 'England' that us locals know and love, but that visitors rarely see.  We don't share the exact itinerary of our tours because the surprises (and the delight they create) are part of the experience. 

We will say that we largely avoid the well-known places most tourists have heard of, to focus on the small, intimate and magical places we know that really tell a story and give guests a real sense of what makes our region special.  This is just one of the many things that make us different!


- A unique experience into the authentic Cotswolds for world-curious, discerning travelers looking for more than just a 'tour'. 

- All-inclusive price includes morning coffee in England's oldest hotel, lunch at a historic country pub, afternoon tea in a grand country garden, and a guided tour by a warm, knowledgeable local who is a master story-teller and focused on your experience.

- Visit a forgotten, ancient town that was at the heart of the birth of England and centre-stage for over 1000 years.

- Get off the beaten track, away from the tourist hordes, to discover authentic countryside, small towns and local wildlife such as sheep. 

- Visit unique, historic places and connect with their history through the stories of the people that made a difference to their own times and ours.
- Explore isolated churches, sleepy rural villages, countryside, historic towns, gardens and much more...   


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