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Historic Pubs, Mining & Dining - Evening Experience

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Experience the best and breadth of English pubs on our evening 'English Country Pubs: Culture & Dining' Experience. Escape the city of Bath to sample, first-hand, the atmosphere, stories, food and drink that make English pubs unique.  Learn about the people, history and secrets that make the three drinking houses we visit, truly unique and beguiling.  Uncover the stories of miners, powerful women, engineers and hidden Cold-War government secrets.  Enjoy a taste of local ales and relax over a fabulous 3-course meal at an award-winning inn.  


This experience includes a visit to two highly atmospheric but very different drinking houses, each with their own tale to tell.  A local beer tasting, and a three-course dinner all included.  


If time allows, we'll stop at one final drinking house for a nightcap, before returning to Bath around 10.30pm.  


Connect with authentic, hidden England and experience it for yourself.

From GBP 150

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We take our guests on unique and in-depth journeys into the 'England' that us locals know and love, but that visitors rarely see.  We don't share the exact itinerary of our tours because the surprises (and the delight they create) are part of the experience. 

We will say that we largely avoid the well-known places most tourists have heard of, to focus on the small, intimate and magical places we know that really tell a story and give guests a real sense of what makes our region special.  This is just one of the many things that make us different!


- Enjoy an incredible three-course meal from a broad menu at an award-winning historic Inn that dates back over 400 years.

- Visit a beautiful country pub that overlooks Bath to try the local beer, and connect with your surroundings and its history by hearing the tales of boisterous miners, strong women, a great engineer and a government secret that was so important, that even today, many locals are not aware of its existence. 

- Experience the best and breadth of English 'pub' culture with a visit to a number of historic and atmospheric drinking houses, each with its own story and character.  


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